“What are your goals?” is one of the first questions we’ll ask. We’re truly focused on the whole-person. Our services focus on creating a thriving lifestyle for rehabilitation, work, life, and health. Freeborn Wellness applies the latest health-science information to everyday, real-life scenarios so you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Maximized Performance

Are you ready to thrive again? Individuals enter therapy at all levels of injury and recovery. After participating in a comprehensive evaluation, we will work with you to customize a rehabilitation and lifestyle program to enable maximized performance and injury prevention. Many clients seek our professional guidance for Lifestyle OT in addition to their dynamic strengthening program. Lifestyle OT is modeled after USC’s Lifestyle Redesign® approach and was developed to help individuals improve health behaviors for management of chronic pain, chronic health conditions, and improve engagement in meaningful activities. Lifestyle goals can be addressed within Work Conditioning and Work Hardening programs when desired by the client.


  • Workplace Consultations
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Personal Performance


  • Work Conditioning/Work Hardening
  • Hand Therapy
  • Acute Injury and postoperative rehabilitation
  • Lifestyle OT
  • Pain Management


  • Massage Therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Health Coaching
  • Group Weight Management

What to Expect:

WORK CONDITIONING is a medically supervised, progressive rehabilitation program used as a venue to improve musculoskeletal defects. It is often used as a bridge between physical therapy and work hardening or return to work.
  • Daily (M-F) program, 2 hours each day
  • Individualized OT/PT rehab program based on the worker’s injury
  • Lifestyle OT addressing the worker’s personal goals
  • Close contact with rehab personnel throughout the program
  • Weaned from “hands on” manual therapy to self-exercise program to promote independence
  • FCE recommended at the end of the program if work tolerance level identification is wanted
WORK HARDENING is a medically supervised, progressive rehabilitation program intended to assess functional capabilities to provide treatment recommendations to the referring provider.
  • Daily (M-F) program will progress from 4 hours to 8 hours of rehabilitation.

  • Rehab duration projections available following the initial evaluation.

  • Work simulation and dynamic strengthening

  • Lifestyle OT addresses the worker’s personal goals.

  • Close contact with rehab personnel throughout the program.

  • Individualized rehab program based on one’s injury and specific needs.

  • “Hands-on” (manual therapy) care given when needed to achieve further functional progress.

  • No FCE required at the end of the program to identify work readiness.

FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY EVALUATION (FCE) is a referral driven (physician, employer, insurer, attorney, etc.), comprehensive evaluation intended to identify general and job-specific work capabilities, return to work status, and validity/behavioral issues.
  • 4-6 hour comprehensive functional evaluation
  • Legally defensible report
  • Clear, decisive return to work recommendations based upon the Physical Demands Strength Rating described in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles
  • Single page Work Capacity Summary intended for easy reference
  • Activity tolerance projections based upon actual repetitive material handling circuits and simulations.