Activated to Thrive

Activated to Thrive

What makes Freeborn Wellness unique? We take a holistic approach to wellness and rehabilitation. In addition to a focus on your physical health, we pay attention to your mental health. How is your sleep, stress, food, or relationships impacting your ability to truly feel like the strong, independent person you were born to be?


We assess the environment, technique, and efficiency to maximize performance while preventing injury. The best outcomes come from a whole-person approach. For example, sleep is independently correlated to happiness and productivity. Let’s get started on top-rated performance for all!


As a specialized orthopedic clinic, we provide BOTH Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. We provide Work Conditioning, Work Hardening, Functional Capacity Evaluations, hand therapy, acute injury and postoperative rehabilitation, as well as pain management. We are passionate about helping injured works be well again.


Care for your body, mind, and spirit. We have created an environment that is friendly, relaxing, and takes care of all your rehabilitation needs. Take advantage of our many convenient self-care services including massage, dietetics, health coaching, and group weight management.

Freeborn Wellness Mission

The mission of Freeborn Wellness is to activate healing and renew purpose.

  • Individualized rehabilitation
  • Meaningful, client-driven goals
  • Quality evaluation and treatment for all individuals

Freeborn Wellness was recently featured in Lewis Talk!

Meet our founder!

Occupational Therapist

Nice to meet you. I’m Andie, the occupational therapist and founder of Freeborn Wellness. We feel blessed to welcome our customers to Freeborn Wellness. This is an elite clinic specializing in rehabilitation for injured workers, hand therapy, and health and wellness. The mission of our team is to help you thrive again, and maybe even better than ever. Passion for people is what you’ll find here. We look forward to serving your needs. Read More

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